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Artists for Human Rights (AFHR) was formed with the purpose of bringing artists together with the common cause of raising awareness of human rights around the world. In 1948, the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights with 191 countries ratifying and ascribing to this declaration. This document delineates 30 basic articles of universal human rights. The startling fact is that most people have not even seen these rights clearly laid out. 

AFHR's purpose is educational. Artists have the ability to influence and change viewpoints on a large scale through their stories, dance, music and pictures; enlightening and elevating a culture, and thus helping to bring about more tolerance in our troubled world. 

AFHR was formed as non-profit organization by artists who have taken up this responsibility and the challenge to make a difference and increase human rights awareness around the world. 

AFHR is broad-based, inviting artists from all disciplines, races, creeds and nationalities to contribute. The only prerequisite: support and affirmation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We work inclusively with allied organizations to bring the full force of artistic expression to bear in the human rights arena. 

As part of this, a DVD is available, of thirty short, spectacular PSAs - one on each article of the Declaration. Their strong and beautifully presented messages of tolerance and integrity communicate to everyone across the globe, and they are already getting substantial media play. They demonstrate the power of positive change artistic expression brings to such an important subject. 

Anne Archer, Founder: Academy Award Nominated Actress and Human Rights Advocate who has fought for human rights across the globe for nearly two decades and has lead religious tolerance movements in Germany, France, the United States, Spain and Africa. She has, with other artists, led protest marches in uneven streets, testified before Congress, met quietly and openly with state department officials around the world - always bringing her creativity and passion to the fight. 

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The Board is forming, but already includes: 

  • Michael Wisner, Executive Director: A writer who has been an environmental advocate for over a decade, his work has taken to him to China, the Amazon, Eastern Europe and the USSR before the Communist Wall came down. His travels and what he witnessed were the beginning of his interest and dedication to human rights. He is co-founder of the Hollywood environmental coalition, where he worked intimately with well-known artists to effect environmental messages in the media. Michael has served for over ten years as the Director of the Alley Foundation, which is dedicated to the environmental education of children. He brings a wealth of experience, accomplishments and dedication to Artists for Human Rights. 
  • Kirstie Alley, Actress
  • Kelly Preston, Actress
  • Doctor Thomas Lovejoy: Serving for nearly a decade as the Assistant Secretary of the Smithsonian Institute, he has been covered extensively in the media, including the New York Times for engineering the "debt for nature swap," where he persuaded world banking institutions to forgive third-world debt, i.e., Brazil, in exchange for the country dedicating large tracts of rainforests as preserves. He headed the Smithsonian research camps in the Amazon where he has toured members of the US Senate and expeditions, including Bruce Babbitt, John Ritter, Tom Cruise, John Fuchs, Debra Hill and Michael Wisner. He serves on the Board of the Alley Foundation, which serves to educate children on environmental issues. He has served on the Scientific Advisory Committee to the President of the US. He also served in the Clinton Administration as Science Advisor to the US Secretary of the Interior. Since then, he has been serving as the Director of the Heinz Foundation in Washington.
  • Thomas Dine: Has served as the Under Secretary for US Agency for International Development appointed by President Clinton. Tom accepted the position as the head of Radio Free Europe in Prague where he has served for the past seven years. He has recently relocated to the San Francisco Bay area where he heads a Jewish Community Foundation.
  • Robin Hogarth: Grammy winning composer and producer, who has been involved with Human Rights in Africa over many years. A founder member of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights in South Africa, and active with Youth for Human Rights, a number of Robin's music projects have related to Human Rights issues.

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